Queue Buster: Haiku Contest WINNER(s)!

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blizzcon20108x6 So, we announced this on our show on 6/15 but wanted to let everyone know who the winner was and also post up the entries that we got. We have a surprise though! We actually have 2 winners. We have one “official” winner and also one Special Award winner.


We are pleased to announce that Hurculano from Herc the Merc is our winner. He won with the following Haiku:

The Twisted Nether
More than just a great podcast
It is family

Thanks so much for this great poem. It was a difficult decision, but in the end we went for this one. For more discussion about the contest and the winner, check out Episode 92 (when it is posted).



We also announced that Krizzlybear from Frost is the New Black is freaking NUTS! His entry for the contest was.. in a word.. epic. He submitted 36 Haiku’s! One was an intro to his masterpiece. Then 34 poems, one for each of the first 34 episodes of TNB. Finally, a conclusion haiku to round it all out. That and a promise of the rest of the episodes as Haiku’s if he won.. Well, he didn’t .. Kinda. Hydra wanted to make sure all his hard work was rewarded anyway and decided to give Kriz the ability to buy a Blizzcon ticket from her also (yes, she had another to put up).

I’ll post Krizz’ symphony of syllables in a later post, but I’ll include all the other haikus we received after the break.. Thanks to everyone that participated! It was lots of fun! 🙂

Twisted Nether makes
my commute much less boring
once or twice a week.


Rules for a great show
Get an awesome non-mage guest
Always end with five


Stalking Saresa
Blizzcon tickets are needed
Please help me catch her!


Fim and Nib always
with me on a summer toon
Ding! Once again, thank you!

-Nelwigg of Ravenholdt

Things I hope to see
Twisted Nether at Blizzcon
Fim table dancing.


Blizzcon TNB
Fim and Nib at the meetup
First round is on me.


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