Episode 217 – Apple Pie Moonshine

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apple-cider-header-mop This week we welcome Apple Cider from Apple Cider Mage and Justice Points podcast. We have a great discussion on social media and while the interview does go a little long, it’s well worth the great conversations.

Twisted News

New Human Female Model and Feedback LINK

Connected Realms. More getting connected.. Including Farstriders! No date yet. LINK
– Officers’ Quarters: 6 tips for officers on soon-to-be-connected realms LINK

Hearthstone Beta is now completely open. LINK

Lunar Festival 2014/01/20 – 2014/02/03 LINK
Love is in the Air 2014/02/10 – 2014/02/24 LINK

HOT Topics

Shared Topic

Warcraft Books (18th – 24th January) LINK

Australia Day coming up in January LINK

Coming Soon…

Next show is Episode 218 on Sunday, February 9th  at 8 PM PST with our very special guest, Alas  of  Kiss My Alas  and @KissMyAlas. Don’t forget to join us to ask questions live.

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