Blog Azeroth Shared Topic (Wrap-up): Warcraft Books (18th – 24th January)

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Greetings folks!

My apologies as this post I’m considering a wrap-up post as this was for the week that just passed. It’s been a ridiculous week at work, combined with buckets of snow falling on my head and other such personal matters that no one care about, naturally.

This past week’s Shared Topic came to us from frequent contributor Dragonray of Azerothian Life.

I was wondering what Warcraft books / comics you have read, if any, and which ones you want to read? Any favourite characters or scenes?

Dragonray’s post can be found here.
Eresin posted on the topic as well, found here.

It’s not too late to jump in on this conversation! You can post in the Shared Topic thread, post in the comments below, there are a variety of ways to join in on the Shared Topic blogging!

Get writing people!



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