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*********EDIT: Thanks to the commenters here on the page and also a DM on twitter, I have found out that this site has not yet been updated to work with Cataclysm, I apologize for not having seen this prior to posting. Also, this same site was featured in a 2009 RSS posting by Euripedes, so please note that at the moment this site is neither working for Cataclysm, nor is it updated past what Euripedes had posted upon previously.**************

Good Wednesday to all, and my apologies for the lateness of this RSS post. Last week I was quite zombied by the plague that is the cold/flu that is going around, and then I spent the weekend in the land that data connection forgot existed. It was perfectly lovely, thank you for asking.

On to the Spotlight!

During Wrath of the Lich King I found myself in a position I had not known throughout all of my days in WoW, starting from the very launch of the game, that being participating in progression raiding. Being one of only two Rogues on a 25 man raiding team in ICC afforded me a substantial loot pile to sort through. In combination with the ever-popular DPS simulation spreadsheets, I used a website called Elitist Armory to keep track of my gear, make certain I had everything gemmed properly, enchanted properly, etc. I did not use the suggestions of the site per say, but rather used it to more readily view the pieces and gems and enchantments in an easy to view layout.

Elitist Armory closed it’s doors shortly before the ending of Wrath.

I wept.

I have now found it’s replacement for what I need now that I am properly gearing up for heroics and raids, as I know the greater part of the WoW population is now doing.

I have to claim a bit of ignorance on my part in never having researched be.imba prior to this week. I have heard of it before, I knew it existed, it was simply a service I never used, not for any fault of theres mind you. The site functions almost identically to Elitist Armory, but only better… because it’s still functioning (stating the obvious is obvious, right?).

The ability to see a full layout of gear and accessories without having to hover over individual pieces like one must in the official armory is far superior for getting down and dirty with a spreadsheet. And I do mean dirty. The official WoW Armory is of course sexier in look and layout, but that is what it is meant for, the sexy factor. is simple, it has one purpose, put the information you need in front of you. That’s it.

Even if you feel you are not in need of a site or resource to layout your gear and gemming choices for easy reading and consolidation, you do. Especially now as the stat allocation system has so dramatically changed in Cataclysm, such that we are all scratching our head at times to know which is the best stat to stack or push to secondary.

Go to and sign up for a forum account, use the Character Auditor, you can thank me later.

Go to this posting by Ceraphus over at Variant Avatar that guides one through using the Armory for much the same purpose as what I was describing here. Thanks Ceraphus 😉



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8 comments to Resource Site Spotlight – (Character Auditor)

  • hmm, seems like its only for level 80s currently, doesn’t have any of the ‘Clsm stuff.

    Is there some place that I am missing?

  • I may have missed something, but has a message in the upper-left corner stating:
    “Cataclysm support is in progress, character updates are disabled at this moment.”

    As a result you can’t tell it to pull data from the Armory, it’ll only work on cached data (mine’s 9 months out of date), and so it doesn’t actually do much for a level 85.

    I really hope it gets updated, or maybe someone can suggest an alternative.

  • While its nothing huge, I just published a blog post regarding how to use the advanced features of the new WoW Armory basically to audit/evaluate yourself or someone else:

  • I must apologize, when I was playing with the site yesterday I had character update failures as well but went to the WoW armory and found it was down and simply associated the lack of query ability to that fact. Every time I tried to refresh on be.imba I also went back to WoW Armory and it was still offline. I blame only myself and not having researched the site more fully prior to coming home from vacation yesterday. I’m not going to pull the article just yet, I will see if the updates come soon. If not, at that point I will hold it in draft until it does.

    Again, my apologies all, I did not find the inability to update to be a site issue, because as I stated, the WoW Armory was down yesterday so I simply put those two together, incorrectly of course.

  • Glad I could be of help Ril! 🙂

  • Rowna

    I use be.imba in wrath and it was a nice site, however even back then I found that was a better site. Wow-heroes is updated for Cata and is going strong. I have also started using the character profiler on wowhead.

    The new advanced features on WoWs official armory page are getting better every day. As they update that and integrate more of the comunity sites it may become the defauly choice, but for now it is usually a combination of wow-heroes and wowhead for me.

  • While writing this I had this tickle in my brain, a little itch deep inside an unused corner of my mind that was telling me I had used another resource throughout Wrath in addition to Elitist Armory and for the life of me I could not remember what that was. How exactly I forgot about WoW-Heroes is beyond me.

    Thank you Rowna for jogging my clearly cobweb-riddled mind and setting me straight. I swear, if it wasn’t for the readers and their comments I would be a mess. 🙂

  • Tadedra @Sentinals

    I didn’t see it here but wowinsider shined me on to Guild Ox .. Using the Loot Rank and even adding in you toon, you can see your top raiding stuff. But I like the Filtering system because for preraid you can used Craftered, Non-BOP and Rep items to see your best options prior to running dungeon after dungeon.