Episode 114 – Gazimoff’s Croc Blog

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manaobscura_logo_sq Moving right along with 2011, we welcome Gazimoff from the Mana Obscura Blog and the Obscurecast Podcast! He handles the early morning hours stupendously (he’s in the UK) and keeps us well entertained. We discuss the fine art of Gnome cooking, setting things on FIRE and, of course, the best Horde race to kill. News this week was sparse but we manage to still find “something” to talk about including the PTR build and changes to Guild Cauldron requirements. Tune in, Turn on and Hang out with us as we bring you an Episode 114 unlike all other Episodes of TNB numbered 114.


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Twisted News:

4.0.6 is on the PTR LINK
Guild Flask and Cauldron Hotfixes LINK
Tol Barad Bridge Exploit LINK
Update to Mobile Armory LINK
Lunar Festival January 23 – February 12

HOT Topics from the Nether:

Hydra’s Random Tip

Be active in the community. It is the best way to drive trafic to your blog. Readers who are interested in what you say in one place will click, and go where there is more. Pick a reachable goal for your time. ….Example decide to do 4 little things and one big thing a week. the little things can be comment on a blog post. The big thing can be Send in content to a podcast! … I dont know… maybe.. to Twisted Nether? Once you get going it will get easier to do.


Shameless Self-Promotion: A Beginner’s Guide to Driving Traffic to your WoW Blog (Disciplinary Action) LINK
Should the economy reset with new expansions? (Spinksville) LINK
On Heroics (Righteous Orbs) LINK
The Tortoise and the Hare: It’s Okay If You Aren’t Raiding Yet (Manalicious) LINK
Why do we play? – Killing Time ( Tobold’s MMORPG Blog ) LINK

Shared Topic This Week:

We at Twisted Nether are a part of the Blog Azeroth community, not the other way around. We thank the moderators Ophelie, Jaedia, and Windsoar for all their work this last year.

List of new Sites on Blog Azeroth:

– (Pally) The Templar’s Hammer LINK
– (Rogue) Blame Squelchy LINK
– (Mage) The Stormwind Trade District LINK
– (Paladin) Leveling Holy LINK
– (General) The Azeroth Log LINK
– (Paladin) The Timid Tank LINK

We encourage everyone to also check out the TNB Wiki Big List of Blogs.

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Coming Soon…

Episode 115 will be recorded on January 15, 2011 with Rioriel of Postcards from Azeroth. We will not be recording on January 22, 2011 but we have guests some guests set up right after! Visit us on the blog for further updates or on Twitter @TwistedNether.

To be included in our episodes send TNB your MP3′s (info@twistednether.net) or call into our hotline at 407-705-3161. We look forward to hearing from our fans.

(Opening song “Monster Techno Blues” is preformed Joe Sibol, provided by podssafeaudio.com)

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