Resource Site Spotlight - Skill Capped

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One of the reasons I’m drawn to particular sites is how well they are able to get down to the bottom line. I.E. if it’s a hunter site, for example, is there easy access to links showing me how to play a hunter well? The problem often comes with most sites’ desire to be both tutorial and news sites. The class/professions/general WoW news buries the “how-to” information, making them a nuisance to navigate.

As such, Skill Capped is one of my new favorite sites, because it doesn’t mince words or purposes. It exists for one reason only: to make you a better PvP player. One of their contributors was recently featured on the Hunting Party Podcast, and it was welcome information to me and my 1400-at-best 2’s arena team.

There’s good and bad to the site (hopefully more of the former). The good: the site features a slew of contributors from every class that know their class inside and out in PvP. There’s tutorial videos and helpful articles specifically designed toward the aspiring PvP’er. And you will know that everything you see and read there is coming from a legit PvP expert, not John Q. Faceroll.

The bad: there’s a fee. $5 a month, or less per month if you subscribe for longer.

The neutral: If you’re serious about improving as a PvP’er, this is one of the best sites out there, and maybe THE best. Given the amount of time and money any dedicated player spends on WoW, an extra $5 is a drop in the bucket. And for those who are still turned off by any charge, the site is functional every without a subscription. Many of the videos are available to non-subscribers, as are occasional featured utilities. So the casual BG-runner may not be interested in subscribing, but regulars in arena will likely learn a lot from this site. And either one can get something from Skill Capped, making it a worthwhile site for any PvP’er.

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