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While I slog through numerous PvP websites for both this blog as well as my own personal use (My 2’s team hovers around 1400 every season, but can’t seem to get any better. This must change.), this week I’m highlighting a lightweight add-on that is both convenient and aesthetically pleasing.

Chill Effect provides small UI tweaks, primarily to your character tab. Perhaps most strikingly, it removes your character picture so that you can view ALL of your character stats on a single page (as shown below on my woefully undergeared priest alt). Now, perhaps you like staring at your beautiful Blood Elf, and this isn’t for you. But for the frankly uglier races like Tauren, Night Elf and Orc, the removal of the pic is a blessing even without the added functionality.  I recently sold my soul to Blizzard to the tune of $25 for a race change in order to eek out the most dps possible.  Unfortunately this resulted in my new orc hunter looking like a large green wart.  I will not miss my character’s picture.

Similar changes make the other tabs more intuitive as well.  And there’s other small additions like new Resistances tooltips, which aid in understanding.  If an add-on existed (and I will be on constant lookout) that fixed ALL of Blizz’s faulty tooltips, that would truly be revolutionary.  Until then, Chill Effect won’t turn any heads, but it may help streamline your UI a bit more.

(Editorial Comment: Please make sure to virus check your computer after this or any downloads onto your computer. There is no information at publication date that this site or its applications are harmful in any way, but caution should always be exercised.)

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