Shared Topic: Helping New Players

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Do you help new players at all? What about clueless players in dungeons? Do you like to be helpful? Do you care? Are you just not that type of person? Or do you worry about being too pushy? Last week’s Shared Topic raised those questions after Nexdominus from There Will Be Blood asked us:

Do you help new players, if so in what way?

Participating were:

Elkagorasa from Elkagorasa the Casual

Nenunial from The Rambling Draenei Death Knight

Nexdominus from There Will Be Blood

Anslym from Totem Tossing

Herculano from Herc the Merc

Spinks from Welcome to Spinksville!

Pndrev from Primetime Casual

Zan from Altoholic Anonymous

That Priest from Barrens Chat

Ravon1981 from WoW Titans

Pindleskin from Misguided

Redhawks from Redhawk’s Gaze

This week’s Shared Topic is about getting ready for Cataclysm. Are you ready for the next expansion? What are you doing to prepare for the leap? Write about it and share in the Blog Azeroth Shared Topic forum!

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