Episode 64 – Round the Campfire

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This week we have a 3.3 Round table with Matticus(World of Matticus), Stoneybaby(Big Hit Box), Graylo(Gray Matter), Honorshammer(Honor’s Code) and Saresa (Destructive Reach) .

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General News

WordPress 2.8.5 is now available for download. DO IT. (oh and btw back up your stuff)
– Hallow’s End 10/18-10/31
– Day of the Dead 11/1-11/2

The Twitter Q&A: (link)

Q: When do hunters get to tame druids?
A: Right after druids get a hunter form.

As Brigwyn tweetted: It wasn’t the answer I wanted, but the didn’t say it was impossible. 😀 So I guess we can say they have the initial requirements locked. 😉

It’s the “It Came From the Podcast!” Mutli-Cast Halloween Giveaway! (See the post)

Round Table Fodder

Retrospective 3.1/3.2 : Did it break the game, was the wailing and gnashing of teeth well founded?
– Mounts at 20/40/60 (note also the v. inexpensive flying 225g in HH/(wherever Hordies go 🙂 )
– Free badges for EVERYONE (ie, update to Heroics to drop conquest badges)
– Extended raid lockout
– Faction Change

Looking forward *** SPOILER ALERT *** 3.3 in all its glory
– Class specific changes.. who’s being buffed? who’s being nerfed?
– Low level changes. Prep for the upcoming cataclysm?
– Head/Shoulder enchants become BoA
– Faster Rep (yeah.. I’m already exalted.. err um.. …)

– UI Changes
– LFG and random dungeon daily (Dungeon Cooldown and Dungeon Deserter.. Teleport to Dungeon)
– Disenchant feature
– Uninvite feature (“You! YOU are worthless GTFO”)
– Nameplate feature

– Weekly Raid Quests – 10 Emblems of Frost!
– Tier 10 armor sets (and new method of acquisition)
From the Twitter #Blizzchat
5:24pm CDT: Q: With T10, are we going to see tokens like in Ulduar? or like CC? CC style had every class and spec rolling on same thing.
A: With T10 we’re going to see a hybrid. The tier 10 items (the ones with item levels you’d find in the 10-player raid) will be purchased with Emblems of Frost.
The tier 10.5 items (the ones with item levels you’d find in the 25-player raid) will be obtained by getting a token (one that is specific to 3 or 4 classes, much like the ulduar tokens) and using it to upgrade the tier 10 item that was purchased with emblems of frost.

– Ice Crown Citadel
– 3 new 5-mans
– New faction Ashen Verdict (upgradable rings)
– New ICC raid
– Hard modes

From the Twitter #Blizzchat
5:13pm CDT: Q: Ulduar had one kind of hard mode(triggered).. ToC had another (ToC vs TOGC).. Ony has none. What will ICC have?”
A: ICC’s hard modes will be triggered, but via in-game UI (much like how you toggle between normal and heroic modes today) rather than triggered by game mechanics (like not killing the three drakes before you attack Sartharion).

Shared Topic This Week
Each week on BlogAzeroth a new topic is posted for general blogging. We encourage our listeners to post about that topic on their own blog and then post a link to it in the forum.

Your homework assignment is: help Saresa to come up with future topics.
Please, if you get a chance, head over to BlogAzeroth and suggest some topics for the shared topic. Thanks!

Next week…

Next week we’ll be talking with Daewin from The Hunting Lodge Podcast
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