It Came From The Podcast Spooky Give Away

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In the live recording (and in the podcast coming out soon) Nib and Fim mentioned the Halloween Give Away “It Came From The Podcast”. Rules are now posted. Listen to the podcasts, email in the spooky words and WIN!

It’s the “It Came From the Podcast!” Mutli-Cast Halloween Giveaway! Four different podcasts have banded together to bring the spirit of “GIVE ME THE LOOT” to this spooky season. Slash2 Podcast, The Hunting Lodge Podcast, Pugcast and The Twisted Nether Blogcast (that’s us!!) invite you to enter the funhouse and win lots of FABULOUS prizes including the Grand Prize of ONE Figureprints Statue! Each podcast will have a Spooky word you need to listen for. Send those words to and you will be entered to win! In addition to the awesome grand prize, the podcasts will each be giving out their own spectacular booty to those who submit their specific codeword. Entries are being collected from now until November 4th! Then, join us on November 6th for a night of Terror, a night of Surprises, a night of.. PODCASTING!!!! The four casts will come together in a stupendous blowout event where we will not only announce the winners of the 5 prizes, but also get some lucky live listeners in on the prize winning action! So, Listen, Enter, Listen again.. and WIN! Rules and more information are posted on each podcast’s homepage! Or ARE THEY… MUAHAHAHAHA….

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