Episode 327 – Epic Loss

This episode we say goodbye to a very special person in the community, Epic Insanity. His co-host on FrozeNerds put up a post on the Blizzard forums here. He will be missed.

We also talk about some of the changes coming in 9.1.5, some updates to the California vs Blizzard lawsuit and even a little, OMG, Final Fantasy XIV!

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Episode 326 – Chains and Suits

This episode we talk about how we are faring so far in the 9.1 patch and then move onto a discussion about the lawsuit brought against Activision Blizzard by the California DFEH. Since this episode was recorded that have been more responses from current and past Blizzard employees. We will try to add links to those in the notes below as we can.

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Episode 325 – Lore Servant

We have an interview this week with Aliandras! She is a busy podcaster and can be found in a few places. Join us in taking some to time to get to know her. Find Ali on her podcasts: Dungeon Fables, Live Laugh Lore, and All Things Azeroth. Get more Ali on her twitch stream twitch.tv/Aliandras and twitter @AliandrasK.

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Episode 324 – Immemorial

This episode the hosts discuss the cancellation of Blizzcon 2020, a little bit of Patch 9.1 news and a whole lot of random other stuff.


Episode 323 – Lineless Blizzconline

This episode we discuss all the happenings at the FIRST EVER Blizzconline!  We also talk guild/raid team drama, patch 9.0.5 and Bananas..