Episode 328 – Mouse Guard

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This episode we discuss the sad passing of a good friend of the podcast, Rades. We also talk about our Raiding progress, Raidbots and even Flamigos and Pandas!

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A good friend of the podcast from almost the beginning, Rades, passed away the weekend of Aug 28-29. Our hearts go out to his family and friends. He will be missed!

First appearance of Rades on TNB: Ep 137
He was also on:
Episode 148 (Blizzcon 2011 Round Table),
Episode 155 (Patch 4.3 Round Table),
Episode 164 (MoP Beta Round Table)
and Episode 200 (Our 5 year anniversary).

Hosts Raid Progress. Fim got the bow!

Zab is bank rolling Raidbots.
Addons: SimC and Pawn for stat weights

Hosts Zoo experiances; Flamingos, Pandas, and Platypus
Track an animal bracelet. Good gift check out Wildlife Collections.

RPG Mouse Guard. Child appropriate RPG campaigns.

Diablo 2 Resurrected


Small news about the Lawsuit against Blizzard.

SEC is starting an investigation into Activision/Blizzard to determine if they knowingly misled investors in their statements by not disclosing the California Investigation by the DFEH.

Chief legal officer has departed.

Link to Hoeg Law on youtube

Playlist for Activation Blizzard lawsuits

Coming Soon…

Next is Episode 329, we will be recording LIVE with our hosts and just maybe a guest. Please keep a watch on the site or twitter for updates. You can listen live on twitch.tv/twistednetherblogcast with FimlysHydra, and Zabby, make sure you join us to ask our guest questions and heckle Fimlys.

Visit us on the blog or on twitter @TwistedNether for further information

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(Opening song “Monster Techno Blues” is performed Joe Sibol)

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