Episode 324 – Immemorial

This episode the hosts discuss the cancellation of Blizzcon 2020, a little bit of Patch 9.1 news and a whole lot of random other stuff.


Episode 323 – Lineless Blizzconline

This episode we discuss all the happenings at the FIRST EVER Blizzconline!  We also talk guild/raid team drama, patch 9.0.5 and Bananas..


Episode 322 – Blizzconwhat?

Fimlys, Zabby, and Hydra talk about Raiding, Blizzcon, and whatever else they feel like (as usual).

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Episode 321 – The ShadowLaunch

Join hosts Fimlys, Hydra, and Zabby discuss the break and our first thoughts about Shadowlands. Joining us are good friends Arlee of MMORPG and Jed of all the Jed things.

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Episode 320 – Postponement

This episode we talk about Shadowlands being postponed until “sometime later this year” and the pre-patch coming soon!

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