Resource Site Spotlight – ZAM (Allakhazam)

The World of Warcraft community has always found things they latch onto, from particular sites, to blogs, podcasts, and even E-RP hangouts (I have not set foot in Goldshire for 2 years and I turn off general chat, just in case, anytime I step foot in Elwynn Forest – I suggest you do the […]

Resource Site Spotlight –

Admit it, you love non-combat pets.

I see you buddy, yeah you, in the second row, shaking your head. We all know that when no one is looking you summon your pet turtle Speedy and speak in a “baby voice” while feeding him Papa Hummel’s Pet Biscuits.

Who could possibly look upon the face […]

Resource Site Spotlight – Wowpedia: Archaeology Article

It may seem a bit lazy, unorthodox perhaps, to feature the same resource two weeks in a row. Truthfully, that is more than likely correct. However, I am featuring Wowpedia two weeks in a row for good reason, as this week spotlights a very particular article that is close to my heart.

I weep daily […]

Resource Site Spotlight – Wowpedia (Formerly WoWWiki)

A World of Warcraft resource site by any other name… does it still pwn as sweet?

Yep, badly botched William S. quote/joke there. Sorry, won’t let it happen again.

WoWWiki was a long-standing resource site that read similarly to, yet distinguishably different from, WoWHead, enough to be of equal value but with a different […]

Resource Site Spotlight – World of Wargraphs – PvP Statistics and Rankings

Player versus player.


I love it, you love it.

Don’t give me that QQ line that you hate PvP, you know you do. You know that you just crave that rush you get every time you engage in pseudo-mortal combat with another player, locked in a gladiatorial fight to the end, vying for […]