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Admit it, you love non-combat pets.

I see you buddy, yeah you, in the second row, shaking your head. We all know that when no one is looking you summon your pet turtle Speedy and speak in a “baby voice” while feeding him Papa Hummel’s Pet Biscuits.

Who could possibly look upon the face of Toothy and not squee with geekish delight?

For all of those rabid Warcraft pet collectors, and those who have simply begun to dabble in the art/passion/addiction (that would be me), the site for you is WarcraftPets

Breanni is the site creator, and her “real life” job is that of a web developer and graphic artist, among other things, and it clearly shows through in this sites quality, look, and layout. WarcraftPets is a fantastic database for all things vanity pets and companions in the World of Warcraft. Breanni keeps it well maintained with news and updates, there is a guide section, a pet tracker, a community functionality with pet ratings, comments, and links to site like WowTCGLoot to find details on pets that are purchased outside of game.

Even if you are that vanity-pet-curious type of player that has just begun acquiring a few pets here and there, this site can show you exactly where and how to get that pet you simply must have.

***Each week you can hear Rilandune rambling on about his Addon and Mod addiction in the Twisted Nether Blogcast, usually at the end of the show where Fimlys and Hydra put him in hopes that everyone will stop listening by then. Just kidding. Well it’s kinda true. You can also read his ramblings at Heroically Random and follow his frequent musings on twitter (**

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