Resource Site Spotlight – World of Wargraphs – PvP Statistics and Rankings

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Player versus player.


I love it, you love it.

Don’t give me that QQ line that you hate PvP, you know you do. You know that you just crave that rush you get every time you engage in pseudo-mortal combat with another player, locked in a gladiatorial fight to the end, vying for field advantage, looking for every opportunity to unleash your deadliest onslaught of attacks to best your opponent.

Seriously, who doesn’t love all those times in Storm Peaks when you were killing Jormungar worms for the Sons of Hodir dailies and that same Shaman would drop out the sky, Earth Shock your unsuspecting bum and blast you to the Spirit Healer on the top of the mountain 3 miles away? (I’m looking at you Vegen, you dirty rat)

Ok, so maybe that was just me. But still, PvP is a big part of World of Warcraft, and for the longest time it was nearly unquantifiable how good a PvP player truly was. Reputation was the only means for a person to make a name of themselves. With the changes that have rolled out to the Wow Armory site, clever individuals have created sites to glean some amazing data and in the past that was held to the raiding environment for the most part.

In comes World of Wargraphs

It’s in beta now, but it looks to provide some very interesting statistics on PvP and the players that engage in this activity for every realm.

More so than anything, it is a competitors scoreboard. A ranking system.

It is very interesting to see how well a particular player is rated on your realm that just so happens to gank you daily outside of Ice Cream Citadel.

Read, enjoy, eat, be merry.



EDIT: Trebonius contacted us to let us know that World of Wargraphs has been updated for Cataclysm, and even includes Rated Battlegrounds rankings. So make certain to check out the updated statistics and site rankings.

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