Episode 128 – Table Hoarder 4.1

We have a Round Table! It’s 4.1 time and we welcome Medros, Rilandune, Blacksen and Fuubar and Fulgaralis! Don’t miss it! (see rest of show notes for links) […]

Episode 127 – Miyari Kyouryuu

Why yes…. She is a Dinosaur.. Our guest this week is the one, the only Miyari from WoWHead! We had a great time talking to her. We also talk a tiny bit about 4.1 (being released NOW!), mobile guild chat and even a Dev Watercooler about Crits! […]

Episode 126 – Epic Flying Elk

We are happy to welcome Elkagorasa from Elkagorasa the Casual this week! We talk all about one of his favorite topics, Warlocks, along with pretty much everything else. News includes Blizzcon Tickets, new lore article and a hashtag campaign. We’ve got a TNTCast and some new Blog Azeroth blogs to finish up. […]

Episode 125 – Divine Plea Bargain

We welcome Adgamorix from Divine Plea this week. We had a great interview and spent some time discussing the new Call to Arms functionality coming in 4.1. We also discuss the latest “Stats on Gear” Dev Watercooler blog post and all the rest.


UGT-Servers.com – UGT Servers! Ventrillo Servers […]

Episode 124 – Gab and Moo

Unfortunately, the guest this week didn’t make it, so Fim and Hydra do what they do best.. Talk! There’s some news to go over and even a couple of emails! Oh yeah and we might talk about some of the April Fools jokes that Blizzard (and others) tried to pull on us.. Now where […]