Episode 125 – Divine Plea Bargain

We welcome Adgamorix from Divine Plea this week. We had a great interview and spent some time discussing the new Call to Arms functionality coming in 4.1. We also discuss the latest “Stats on Gear” Dev Watercooler blog post and all the rest.


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Episode 124 – Gab and Moo

Unfortunately, the guest this week didn’t make it, so Fim and Hydra do what they do best.. Talk! There’s some news to go over and even a couple of emails! Oh yeah and we might talk about some of the April Fools jokes that Blizzard (and others) tried to pull on us.. Now where […]

Episode 123 – Killing Time Slowly

We welcome Fuubaar and Fulguralis from Killing ‘em Slowly to the show this week. We talk about playing as a couple, what NOT to say to your spouse who is also your healer and how drinking effects tanking (in a positive way!?). We also discuss the addition of Guild Challenges in 4.1 and the […]

Episode 122 – Shades of Lore

This week we welcome Anne Stickney from WoW Insider aka Shade from All Things Azeroth. After a pretty epic interview (which includes quite a few off-topic tangents.. warning.. warning..) we talk about a few news things rolling around out there, introduce a few new blogs to Blog Azeroth and well, generally goof off.

Episode 121 – Whalen Caverns

This week we welcome Whalen from Curse to the show. He talks about his job there, wowstead and, of course, playing WoW! Not a lot of news but we do talk about the iPad 2 (why?) and go over the shared topics and new blogs.


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