Episode 140 – Trippleet Sauced

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Leetsaused We welcome the guys (Logan, Voktory and Hi-Ya) from The Leet Sauced Podcast to the show where, despite allegations to the contraty, they were quite well behaved..


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Twisted News

Blizzard drops screenshot with 3 unknown NPCs. LINK

4.2.2 is available on Test Realms.

Tyrande Whisperwind leader story. LINK

HOT Topics

Shared Topic This Week

Kallixta from Kallixta’s Notes suggested this week’s gastronomically excellent topic on bridging WoW Cooking Recipes and the real world. LINK

Have you ever attempted a WoW cooking recipe IRL? Have you found someone else’s recipe and tried to follow it?

There have been folks that have used their own Unidentified Cooking Utensils to produced recipes and some have worked better than others. Share yours!

Or perhaps you can follow a recipe. but not create one and there is this fascinating recipe that you need created for you by someone with the right skills?

The reverse might also be a consideration: What IRL foods are missing in Azeroth?

Akabeko from Red Cow Rise invited us to ponder on how we identify ourselves and/or our characters within the game. LINK

How does your character define them-self? What part of their identity is most important to their personality and self-presentation?

In meatspace, we have so many affiliations, it’s anyone’s guess whether we consider ourselves a tuba player first, or a student, a Gators fan, a New Yorker, a mother, a nerd, a liberal. Our identities are comprised of so many different aspects of life that it’s hard to tell which parts different people will choose to define themselves.

In game, there are less game-related ways to identify.

your class – your spec
your race – a particular subgroup (Mag’har, Wildhammer)
your faction – a faction other than Horde/Alliance

List of new Sites on Blog Azeroth

– (Healing) The Warstomping Grounds LINK
– (General) Omnipresence LINK
– (Paladin) The Light’s Wrath LINK
– (Druid) Tree Druid LINK

Coming Soon…

Next week is Episode 141 on August 20, 2011.  Our twisted guest of the week is a surprise (because we don’t know yet)! Join us to ask questions live. Visit us on the blog for further updates or on Twitter @TwistedNether.

To be included in our episodes send TNB your MP3′s (info@twistednether.net) or call into our hotline at 407-705-3161. We look forward to hearing from our fans.

(Opening song “Monster Techno Blues” is preformed Joe Sibol, provided by podssafeaudio.com)

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