Resource Site Spotlight – WoW Interface

Despite the fact that Curse gets a great deal of attention, and I point a finger at myself for this (see the Addonation segment at the close of each TNB show), there is a very viable alternative source for World of Warcraft addons out there on the internetherz…

And that source is WoW Interface ( […]

Resource Site Spotlight – Zeherah’s Hunter DPS Analyzer (

You have never actually seen a female dwarf right? I know I haven’t, and I have spent years in Ironforge.

Well this weeks RSS features a female dwarf, so I would say that is scientific proof that they do indeed exist!

Zeherah’s Hunter DPS Analyzer (found at is a site dedicated to […]

Resource Site Spotlight – L2R (

L2R is a recent endeavor of Kinaesthesia, you may have heard him speak of it as his “secret project” on the Circle of Healing podcast some time ago (co-starring a friend of Twisted Nether Blogcast, one Matt “Matticus” Lowe). Among the sites I have praised for being well-designed, this one takes the cake!

L2R […]

Resource Site Spotlight – Ask Mr. Robot

** The above image is not from our spotlight site, Ask Mr. Robot, but I thought it was just too durned cute not to add it ^.^ **

On the request of the big boss man, Fimlys, and by recommendation of my fellow OverLore host Nibuca, I am reviewing Ask Mr. Robot this […]

Resource Site Spotlight – Boss Blueprint

This site was suggested to me by Fimlys and I must say thank you, because this is such a geekishly cool site to play with even if you are not at the point in your Cataclysm raid career yet to fully take advantage of the functionality.

What Boss Blueprint allows you to do is […]