Resource Site Spotlight – Zeherah’s Hunter DPS Analyzer (

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You have never actually seen a female dwarf right? I know I haven’t, and I have spent years in Ironforge.

Well this weeks RSS features a female dwarf, so I would say that is scientific proof that they do indeed exist!

Zeherah’s Hunter DPS Analyzer (found at is a site dedicated to the our gun totin’, arrow shootin’, pet lovin’ brethren and is designed with the explicit purpose of maximizing their damage output (afterall, they need all the help they can get) … (Just kidding)

I love DPS analyzers, always have, always will. While I do not yet play a hunter (I do indeed plan on rolling one, so I can honestly use the term yet) I can see that this is a well designed and easy to use resource for the hunter class.

If my good buddy Muzzleloader on the Earthen Ring realm is reading this, he is a new player in World of Warcraft and he is already crunching the BIS sheets for his hunter gear, so if he is not already using, he will be now, or I shall not allow him food or frosty beverage (beer) the next time his wife and he comes to have dinner at my families house. ^.^

So if you are one of those gun totin’, bow shootin’, pet lovin’ huntering folks, check out Zeherah’s Hunter DPS Analyzer (found at and watch your place on the deeps meter escalate quickly.

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