Shared Topic: Can Another MMO Threaten WoW?

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While Wrath of the Lich King apathy has certainly contributed to many guilds’ difficulties fielding numbers for TBC raid content, a second factor in raiding truancy is probably the recent release of Warhammer Online. Produced by Mythic Entertainment, Warhammer Online is probably a better contender for permanent customer theft than this year’s earlier release of Conan due to its lower system requirements and strong parallels to Blizzard’s painstakingly crafted world and the races that inhabit it.


Still, one has to wonder, what would be required for a new MMO to potentially threaten to topple the king of MMOs, World of Warcraft? Is it even possible? This is the question asked by author Skaarjonic of Rogue’s Eye View for this week’s Shared Topic. In his own words:

Why do you think that other MMO’s don’t threaten WoW? Or why do they?

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