TNB Wants Your Moments…

WoW moments that is!

We want you, our gentle listeners, to tell us your most “twisted” moment of 2008. A great save, a funny death, an awesome trick, that amazing gift, whatever your best moment is, share it with us! We want to know!

How to submit.

You can record your moment and send it […]

Episode 28: Somewhat Almost Evil

This week we a lock so cute that it is almost evil! That is right Hydra from Almost Evil joins us to give us the inside scoop in the mind of a gnome lock.


Episode 27- The Stoppable Blogcast

This week we have an interview with Queklain aka Stop from The Stoppable Force. Join us as we dive into the real question everyone wants to know: Death Knights boxers or briefs?


Episode 26-Is That a Tiger in Your Pocket?

This week we have an epic interview with the Big Red…no not the gum, Big Red Kitty joins us this week with so much hunter love that Bre is a little giddy..


Episode 25-Bring on the Stabby Stab!

This week we have some stabby stab goodness in the form of Valenna from Parry! Dodge! Spin!.