Episode 26-Is That a Tiger in Your Pocket?

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image This week we have an epic interview with the Big Red…no not the gum, Big Red Kitty joins us this week with so much hunter love that Bre is a little giddy..

General News

Fim laments the lack of leatherworking patterns. Bre avoids leveling by fishing.

Hot Topics from the Nether!

Larisa from Pinkpigtail Inn gives an great view on the new armory.

Isisxotic from Musing of Raider has a wonderful post about how much your real life should affect people in game.

Twisted Blog of the Week and Guest-Big Red Kitty!

-Succinctly put “Um, we’re a hunter. More later.”

Next week…

We have Stop from The Stoppable Force. If you have questions for him, feel free to send them our way!

(Opening song “Monster Techno Blues” is preformed Joe Sibol, provided by podssafeaudio.comp>

16 comments to Episode 26-Is That a Tiger in Your Pocket?

  • riffraff

    re: dec 8 blogcast…


    that’s one of 4 leatherworking BoP drops in the game right now, all of them are from mobs in Ice Crown.

  • Thanks.. Yeah, I think those are all the resist ones.. Not really the exciting drop recipes that I was looking for.. 😛 Of course, they are drop recipes, so that is something. 🙂

  • Dag

    Eh thanks for the links for the recipes, not like the old BC stuff, but its stuff lol

    and as far as the pally healing issue thing, (thats all the further i got so far) its alot gear dependent. cause the more a pally crits the less mana its gonna consume per cast. and as for “bacon of Light” u would most likely put it on the tank, so that way whe nu heal any1 else in the group it also heals the tank. so 2 heals with 1 cast. anyways lol dont wanna bore u but thats the jist of it. 🙂
    love the podcasts and blogs btw.

  • riffraff

    Yeah I agree nothing to get excited about, just for the record there are “some” patterns out there, and not difficult to farm up. Good show! First time I listened (thx BRK) I’ll stop by more often =)

  • “Where’s the DPS Kitty Blogs”



    /rip faces


    Is there not enough math? I need maths? Lolcats fail at maths 🙁

    /want attention

  • Breana

    *Wraps herself in pillows*

    Now it will not seem like this is try, but I swear it is. I thought of your blog right after Of Teeth and Claws and was going to say Secret Agent Cat, but the conversation moved on before I could.

    *Gives catnip in peace offering*

  • Haha! It’s just the kick in the pants I need to finally get around to downloading Rawr 😉 I’ll never get un-afraid of numbers if I never try.

    … and yes, I’m sorry, I’m such an attention hog, and randomly loose my mind.

    Have you seen it?

  • Will

    This may seem silly, but I just wanted to thank you for asking my question to BRK. I’m sure that you had many sent to you through your blog, Breana, and I was quite glad (and, frankly, a bit surprised) to hear you ask mine among those you chose for the podcast.

    As for the “well-written e-mail” remark, thank you again. I always try to keep some sort of proper structure when writing an e-mail, or even chatting in-game. My general loathing of “Netspeak” helps in this regard, I think. Besides, *someone* has to bring a little class to his place, eh? 😉 I didn’t mean to make you stumble the way you did while you were reading the e-mail, though. For that, I apologize.

    I discovered your podcast relatively recently, and I’ve since attacked a fair portion of your archives. You can rest assured that you have a regular listener in me.

  • Breana

    @ Will
    You are most welcome! And yes, your email was very well-written, it is my reading skills that were lacking, not your writing.

    Thanks for listening! We do what we do, for you guys and always hope our listerners enjoy the show! Welcome and feel free to have anything in the kicthen, we are a causal crowd.


  • spelz

    re Wealth Statistics

    I noticed an immediate increase in begging requests after wealth statistics were inspectable in-game. (This was before the armory was updated to display wealth statistics.)

    One level 70 even asked me to give him 5,000g for epic flying! I am thankful that this “feature” has been removed from both in-game and the armory. My ignore list grows.

    re TNB

    I love your podcasts. I can’t wait for each weeks episode.

    re Episode 26

    How does BRK talk so fast? Lucky you aren’t paying BRK by the word.

    Finally, would you please give me links to posts by “gailor tubby” and “ragshags” bloggers mentioned by BRK.

  • Breana

    Yeah, I never thought about the ramifications of having that stat visible to others (it has nothing to do with my own lack of funds-nope sure doesn’t), but I am glad it is private again.

    Thanks! We are glad you like them!

    LOL, yeah really…the little gold I do have would have been wiped out, and here are the links he was talking about: http://www.needmorerage.blogspot.com/ and to get a feel of the Ruby :http://needmorerage.blogspot.com/search/label/Galertruby

    Enjoy! He is most awesome!

  • AWESOME show guys. <3 BRK even more! The Ratters man love was just hilarious.

    Bre – this is for you – http://www.musingsofaraider.com/2008/weekend-filler-post-whats-my-name-again/

  • Great show! As for the Serpent Sting/Steady Shot macro, Grumble has come up with a really nifty one. I did a post about it. http://grumblenautumnn.blogspot.com/2008/12/trial-ss-serpent-sting-macro.html

  • (huge Ace Ventura fan over here)

    The dolphin’s name is SNOWFLAKE! ^_^