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Episode 2-Hax and Haelz

Welcome to the show

This week, we talk about the Abode Flash security issue, The Hunter’s Mark hack and why Bellwether from 4haelz, secretly loves Moonkins.

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Episode 1-Jumping on the Nethertrain (Finally)

For the first episode Bre and Fim finally jump on the Nethertrain and bring you a short but sweet show. Introductions are the appetizer and discussions on WotLK, Arena Realms, the BAN Hammer and our Featured Blog of the Week round it out. We finish up with a little special treat […]

Wut’s this! Another WoW Podcast???

Hello Internet denizens! Welcome from whatever reaches of the void you hail from and thank you for visiting our little humble home. Many be wondering, what is “Twisted Nether?” Well, my friends, I will enlighten you. Twisted Nether is an upcoming podcast poised to feature news and topics inspired by World of Warcraft and […]