Episode 220 – Ray of Dragonshine

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Dragonray-150x150 Yes, we were going to call this episode Icicles of Magepower but I wanted to point out in the title how great Dragonray from Azerothian Life was and how Bright and “Shiny” it felt to talk to her this week. Of course, it was 3pm on Monday afternoon when we talked to her compared to almost midnight for Fimlys and 9PM for Hydra.

Twisted News

New trailer released for WoD. Highlighting Boost to 90. LINK

Dev watercooler – Healing changes in WoD LINK

Noblegarden 2014/04/21 – 2014/04/28 LINK

HOT Topics

Shared Topic

Professions In Garrisons (15th Feb – 21st Feb) from Dragonray of Azerothian Life LINK

Background Music (Recap from 8th Feb – 14th Feb) by AmerPriest LINK

List of new Sites on Blog Azeroth

– (General) Cantafrond LINK
– (Paladin) Theorycrafting from a Holy Paladin Perspective LINK
– (Hunter) Eyes of the Beast LINK
– (Warrior) Warrior Without A Cause LINK

Coming Soon…

Next show is Episode 221 on Sunday, March 16th  at 8 PM PST with our very special guests Lumpen and Kimmi of Gnome’s Eye View.

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