Blog Azeroth Shared Topic – Background Music (Recap from 8th Feb – 14th Feb) by AmerPriest

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Greetings folks!

I have no one to blame on this one but myself. Lots of personal reasons that no one will care about lead me to miss posting this on the appropriate day, and for that I do apologize.

Anyway, let’s get to it. Amerence from AmerPriest Blog posted this topic:

Hi guys, I know that the World of Warcraft game has its own music to play either we are in the caverns, the city, battllegrounds even in raids or pretty much anywhere. The background music loops and plays wherever you go.. but I know some of you prefer to mute and listen to your own music while playing the game.. So, I want to know what World of Warcraft Music Background you choose to hear or your own flavor of music while playing the game. Please share this however you like it could be your own composition of songs, a youtube machinima musics related to World of warcraft, any song or videos, this is a fun topic to share because I know you are also curious as I am to know what background music WoW players around the globe listens to besides the default one or even radio stations you listen to. Feb.14 is also the hearts day maybe you plan of listening some love songs who knows! lol

The following are the links to all the articles posted to the Blog Azeroth Shared Topic thread:

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Additionally Amerence wanted to thank these sites/posts for contributing to the topic:

Music for Geeky – Shared his blog via twitter @aingeeky check his blog
Electronic Education – Shared his site via twitter @ElectronicEDM
Battle of Bards – Shared Podcasts with Music related as well via twitter @Gypsy_Syl

Again, my apologies for posting this so late, I hope you enjoy all the hard work these fine folks put into the topic.



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