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Do you know what I love?


Well of course you don’t, so I’ll tell you – specialized content aggregation apps/sites that are well designed with non-cluttered interfaces.

I need to explain that statement.

Have you ever tried out any apps on your smartphone or tablet that aggregates content from a large number of blogs and sites with a specific topic, ie. a “Tech” category that shows the top articles from Ars Technica, Engaget, GigaOm, The Verge, etc.? I LOVE those apps! They give you the ability to see a great deal of information, from excellent sources, in one location. I know there are benefits and shortcomings to the article authors, but at the least these apps and sites can put articles in front of you that you would not have seen otherwise.

WoW Headlines is just one of these sites, AND an app, for Ye Ol’ World of Warcraft.

The site is not cluttered despite displaying articles from a plethora of sources all over the net. WoW Headlines categorizes the news by class, PVP, Auction House, Mists of Pandaria News, and more.

I spent a great deal of the day going through the different sections, finding authors and blogs I had never read previously, and really enjoying the ease of finding the articles in such a “one-stop-shop” environment.

Head over to WoW Headlines and make sure to check out the information on their app!



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