Shared Topic: Tracking Time

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Last week Danslate asked about the flow of time in Azeroth:

Note: This topic was originally mentioned by Rioriel on Twitter and discussed and developed further by Rioriel, Angelya and myself. Therefore, if any credit is due, it is due to them (especially Rioriel for spawning the idea). Of course, I leave it to the moderators’ discretion to shorten the actual Shared Topic or edit it for concision.

Here is Rioriel’s original tweet:

Other than the general passing of years, there’s no defined calendar in Azeroth. What would you name the months? #Warcraft

I would like to further this idea a bit:

Time passes, in real life and in WoW. But except for how long a day and a year are, we know virtually nothing about the calendar in Azeroth. Are there also twelve months in Azeroth as there are here? How long are they? Only because February is 28 days long in the calendars of Western civilizations doesn’t mean Azeroth’s February has to have the same length.
As there are many different civilizations with their own languages spread throughout Azeroth, what names might the days and months have?

Giving us there thoughts were:

Akabeko from Red Cow Rise

Kajite from Around Azeroth

Danslate from Danslayers

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