Episode 152 – Turning the Corner

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Kurn This week we welcome Kurn from Kurn’s Corner and the Blessing of Frost podcast. Lots of great discussion including talk on the 4.3 raids and how many peanuts Fim can stick up his nose.. (Ok, we don’t really talk about that…)


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Twisted News

LFR Loot Exploit LINK

NEW Darkmoon Faire Has Begun LINK

Feast of Winter Veil 12/15/2011 – 01/02/2012

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Shared Topic This Week

Shared Topic: Blog Azeroth Thanksgiving Event LINK

Tying for first place and receiving a Guardian Mount were:
Effraeti – Blog Azeroth Thanksgiving Challenge 2011 and
Navimie – Pilgrim and Thanking time, put into a little ryhme

In second place, and receiving a Gurky/Lurky Murloc Plush was:
JDKenada – Shared Topic: Blog Azeroth Thanksgiving

In third place, and receiving a Blizzard pet of their choice was:
Rioriel – Special #33: Blog Azeroth Thanksgiving Event

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– (Hunter) Around Azeroth LINK
– (General) Azeroth Observer LINK
– (Rogue) Shadow Shifting LINK

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Next week is Episode 151 on November 26, 2011 with our guest Pradzha from Piercing Shots!  Join us to ask questions live. Visit us on the blog for further updates or on Twitter @TwistedNether.

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4 comments to Episode 152 – Turning the Corner

  • Faebel

    I am sorry, but you don’t understand the problem with getting the extra loot from LFR. It was not casual players rolling on loot twice, that was taken care of in the original set up of LFR. What happened was top raiding guilds, like Paragon, who read ALL blogs etc, went through LFR once with 25. Then they went through again with 1 person who had not yet gone through., who looted all of the loot themselves, and then passed it out. They did this over and over again , until they had 4 Pc tier, to make the Dragon Soul normal raids that much easier. So I feel Blizzcon was not out of their line, scolding top raiders who definitely DID know better.

  • Faebel

    Er….Blizz not Blizzcon….silly IOS autocomplete 🙂

  • Smokimus

    Faebel – I agree. This was not a problem that casual players were going to run into. This was an exploit that a “top tier” hardcore guild used and their ban was well deserved.

    I enjoy this podcast, but I didn’t enjoy the extended rant where the facts were not completely understood by the hosts.