Shared Topic: Blog Azeroth Thanksgiving Event

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Yesterday saw the official close of the Blog Azeroth Thanksgiving Event, hosted by Amerence, and our shared topic for the last week.

Tying for first place and receiving a Guardian Mount were:

Effraeti – Blog Azeroth Thanksgiving Challenge 2011 and

Navimie – Pilgrim and Thanking time, put into a little ryhme

In second place, and receiving a Gurky/Lurky Murloc Plush was:

JDKenada – Shared Topic: Blog Azeroth Thanksgiving

In third place, and receiving a Blizzard pet of their choice was:

Rioriel – Special #33: Blog Azeroth Thanksgiving Event

We had a lot of great entries, so be sure to check out our other contestants:

Elkgarosa – Giving Thanks to my fellow bloggers
Chatmay – Blog Azeroth Thanksgiving 2011 Entry
Chronicles of Mia – Thankful for Bloggers [A Blog Azeroth Thanksgiving]
Erinys – The Great Blog Azeroth Thanksgiving Event 2011
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dangfool/Kallixta – Blog Azeroth Shared Topic: Thankslinking
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Loronar – Thank You, and an Invitation – Of Turkeys and Blogs
Akabeko – Give Thanks
Anslym – An Ode to Warcraft

I’d also like to thank our judges:

Angelya – Druid Blogger at Revive & Rejuvinate and host of #IntPiPoMo Event || @_Angelya
Hydra –Writer of Almost Evil Blog, Twisted Nether Blogcaster and Blog Azeroth Administrator || @HydRAWR
Oestrus – A Priest Blogger of The Stories of O and Host of The Double O Podcast ||@OriginalOestrus
Fimlys – Asleep at the WoW, Twisted Nether Podcaster, and Blog Azeroth Administrator || @Fimlys
Beruheals – Falling Leaves and Wings Blogger and Twisted Nether Blogcast Host || @Beruheals
JadedAlt – Jaded Alt Blog, Blog Azeroth Moderator, and well known to her great boss strategy guides. || @JadedAlt
Matticus – Writer & Blogger of World of Matticus, No Stock UI, WoW Insider Raid X column, Matticast, Plusheal, Blog Azeroth. || @matticus

And all the folks nice enough to promote the event:

Girls Gone WoW Podcast (Featured Broadcast)
Loug – Writers Venture (Promoting the Event)
Leet Sauced Podcast (Featured Broadcast)
The Sundering (Featured Broadcast)
Twisted Nether Blogcast (Featured Broadcast)
MMO Melting Pot (Featured Post)
JadedAlt/Windsoar – Give Thanks! (Thank You Post)
Jamin – Thanksgiving to the Gnome Clan (Featured Post and Promoting the Event)
Altolycus – Alto’s Gold’ish Advice Blog (Avatar Promotion)
Nymphy & Orvillus – D/E The Tank (Avatar Promotion)
Apple – Azeroth Apple (Avatar Promotion)
Beruthiel – Monday Musings – Thankful Edition (Thank You Post)

Thanks for making the Blog Azeroth Thanksgiving Event so successful!

This week our shared topic looks challenges us to make our own race from the current races/models available in game. Will you be a murloc-elf, or an undead-tauren. Let us know!

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