Episode 147 – Casting Stopies

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stopies We welcome J, Mike and Bryter from Stopcast on the show this week! Not only do they talk a good interview, but they also discuss their new Annual Stopies Podcast Awards that they are running this year. Last show before Blizzcon 2011, so get it while it’s HOT!


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Twisted News

Twisted Nether Blizzcon Meetup LINK

Twisted Nether Presents: The Spawn LINK

Hallow’s End 10/18/2011 – 10/31/2011

HOT Topics

Shared Topic This Week

Kallixta asked us to turn the tables and instead of complaining about the worst grinds ever, instead, to think of a grind we loved to… well, grind! LINK

Normally the words “Best” and “Grind” are not found this close together and there are plenty of grinds to hate. However, I’m interested in the flip side:
Was there something that required sustained and prolonged effort that you found interesting or rewarding? Was there something that was not just a chore to work on?
I’m assuming most grinds are for Reputation, but maybe you have a novel definition?

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– (Warlock) Destructive Reach LINK


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