Resource Site Spotlight – The Visual Roleplay Gear List

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This RSS was a suggestion by Apple (aka Azeroth Apple) and Rades and I would like to thank both of them for such a wonderful pick! More suggestions for WoW resources are ALWAYS appreciated! =)

The Visual Roleplay Gear List is a dream come true for every player in WoW wanting to partake in Transmogrification coming out in patch 4.3 shortly.

This site so wonderfully compiles a vast array of gear sets, both tiers and just matching outfits, by armor class, and with links and instructions to acquire the pieces, that it will instill hope in the hearts of even the most pessimistic folks who feel they will never put together their own unique kit.

That was a long sentence. Sorry about that. Two short ones should make up for it.

I will not admit how much time I spent while at work looking through The Visual Roleplay Gear List deciding what the perfect look will be for my Holy Paladin, or my Assassination Rogue. It was a lot. Hours, likely.

Stop reading this, and go “dress shopping.” You will thank me. And Apple. And Rades.


Go there, go shopping, enjoy!



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