Shared Topic: Making a WoW Cooking Recipe IRL

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Have we got a treat (or several treats…) for you this week! Kallixta from Kallixta’s Notes suggested this week’s gastronomically excellent topic on bridging WoW Cooking Recipes and the real world:

Have you ever attempted a WoW cooking recipe IRL? Have you found someone else’s recipe and tried to follow it?

There have been folks that have used their own Unidentified Cooking Utensils to produced recipes and some have worked better than others. Share yours!

Or perhaps you can follow a recipe. but not create one and there is this fascinating recipe that you need created for you by someone with the right skills?

The reverse might also be a consideration: What IRL foods are missing in Azeroth?

Sharing some deliciousness are:

Kallixta from Kallixta’s Notes

Edenvale from The Gamer’s Fridge (who’s blog theme is this Shared Topic)

Aliera from The Violet Scribe

Ophelie from The Bossy Pally and the Giant Spoon

Gladiola and Manners from The Ready Check

Next week’s Shared Topic invites us to think about our characters (and ourselves) and how we identify them/ourselves within the game. Do you think of yourself as a healer first? As a warrior? As a raider? Share your thoughts in a blog post and post a link in the thread at Blog Azeroth so that we can all read them!

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