Shared Topic: The Consequences of Death in an MMO

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I am safely home from vacation and get to breathe a little bit while waiting for the moving van to come pick up my stuff. And because I’m home, we get an almost-on-time compilation of one week’s Shared Topic. Let us all celebrate by participating in next week’s Topic!

This week’s Topic was contributed by Sharden of the blog 15 Minutes of WoW and opened discussion on the delicate endeavor that is perfecting an MMO death system:

How do you think dying in an MMO should affect the characters? In WoW we have a relatively insignificant repair cost from durability for a PVE death and no consequence for dying to another player. Do you think this is enough, too much, or needing improvement? Tie-ins to related MMO’s or multiplayer games and what sort of repricussion there is for failure there can be a good way to explain your thoughts.

Participating were:

Sharden from 15 Minutes of WoW

Elkagorasa from Elkagorasa the Casual

Violet Scribe from The Violet Scribe

Amerence from Amerence Love WoW

Oathblade from Info about the World of Warcraft from the Altaholic

Blayze from Tank Out of Water

Martha from

And this week we speculate about Blizzcon and what Blizzcon shall bring! What do you think will be announced at Blizzcon? Blog about it and link us your post in the thread at Blog Azeroth!

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