Netherhood Welcome Wagon – Pyromania

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Hello Everyone! I’d like you to join my in welcoming Mebhy of Pyromania!

Mebhy start playing WoW just before the release of The Burning Crusade and was a “completely terrible warrior tank”. Deciding that tanking wasn’t for him, he took up the mantle of the mage and hasn’t looked back since! He raided all through wrath, and has continued his raiding in Cataclysm as an officer and class leader in his 25 man progression guild. Mebhy stared blogging as an outlet for his thoughts and to share them with the WoW community.

He hopes to cover a large range of topics with his blog, but has a primary focus on the challenges that one faces taking on a leadership role in a guild and, of course, mages! He intends to do a series documenting the creation of the new caster legenday, Dragonwrath, complete with FRAPS’d footage of the quest chain!

Mebhy has addressed some great topics already, including the importance of communication between your officers and your guild and the struggles that raid teams face when they start hitting walls (a topic near and dear to my heart!). He has also explored the effect that Rage Quitting has on not only the player, but the guild as a whole as well as musing about when it might be best, or if you should, quit your raid team.

Mebhy is off to a great start!  I can’t wait to follow his experiences into guild leadership and raiding.  Welcome to the Blogoshphere, Mebhy!

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