Netherhood Welcome Wagon – Zoxy of Trading with Zoxy!

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Hello Everyone!  I’d like you to join me in welcoming Zoxy from Trading With Zoxy!

Zoxy started playing WoW about halfway through Wrath of the Lich King.  Having come from EVE Online and being a prolific trader there, he decided that he wasn’t going to get into the Auction House game in WoW because he wanted something fresh and different in a game.  He played WoW for a bit, and then ventured off into LotRO – but the lure of Cataclysm brought him back.  When he returned to WoW he decided that he was going to turn the 3,000 gold he had on his account into 100,000 gold.

Zoxy decided that he wanted to offer feedback to the community on what gold methods were working for him and what were not.  Offering tips and tricks that he found useful – and also sharing things that didn’t work out quite so well.  Of course, what would an experiment be without chronicling the journey along the way? Including thoughts on what draws him into the gold making game.

If you are interested in making gold, you will find all sorts of resources from making gold with limited playtime to what kinds of things have been hot on the Auction House since Cataclysm’s release. He offers advice on several add-ons to help you work the Auction House. You will also find some great information on how to better understand your realm’s economy and on utilizing the mobile Auction House to maximize your auctions.

Zoxy tells us that we can expect more gold making tips and insights on his shenanigans as he continues to work his way towards mastering the Auction House!  I don’t know about you – but my (very stylish, yet very poor) bank alt is certainly looking forward to learning more!

Welcome to the Blogosphere, Zoxy!

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