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Like most of the articles I write for the RSS I like the attach a sufficient amount of personal experience to the resource. The personal experience I have with this site is unfortunately none, and that is unfortunate for me because in Wrath I began a quest to get exalted with every single Wrath faction, and I did, prior to the reputation gain buffs, with the only exception being The Explorers League, that I only had to Friendly prior to the buff, so that was the only reputation I was gaining in dungeon runs prior to entering ICC and working on Ashen Verdict.

What is unfortunate is that I did not know if this site prior to my rep grinds. Given this sites main focus being reputation and the gaining thereof, I am quite certain that any number of the guides here would have helped me tremendously.

At my current level of play in Cataclysm I am actually having a remarkably difficult time gaining reputation. The tabard system is still in effect, but I feel like I am struggling to make headway with the tabards alone, and I have not unlocked even a fraction of the daily quest lines because the VAST majority of my leveling was done in the LFD, and not in questing. I think the Vash’jir is the only zone in which I have completed more than 10 quests. Wowjuju is going to enable me to focus in on the reputation gains I need to make [emphasis need] in order to gear my Paladin properly to begin raiding.

Wowjuju is equipped with a feature that is seen in many resources, but with a new twist I have not seen prior. There is a character calculator, much like other sites, that pulls information from the armory; the difference is that Wowjuju focuses in only on reputations for the character. Not gearing, not item enhancements, not raid progression. It is so exquisitely simple that it necessitates appreciation.

Guides and articles abound for the achievements and gains of all the factions within World of Warcraft. Updates are frequent and with well written, concise articles.

Normally I would say here – “If you are interesting gaining reputation with any or all of the factions in World of Warcraft then head on over to Wowjuju” – but the thing is, everyone SHOULD be interesting in gaining reputation with at least the Cataclysm factions, because our gear and shoulder/head slot enchantments are directly tied into these factions, and even PvP’ers have a great deal to gain from faction reputation.

Therefore, go to Wowjuju. That’s it. Fairly simple right? (Or as our Canadian brethren would say – “Fairly simple, eh?”)



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