Shared Topics: Group Relations and UI Changes

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Welcome to another double edition of Shared Topics. Now that I’ve moved back to the East Coast for another semester of school, where I get to spend long hours at the library watching computer screens, I’m expecting to be better at keeping up with these topics. Yes, finally, each topic can get it’s very own write-up as it so rightly deserves.

Before getting down to business, I want to shout out that


We’ve received a few suggestions lately, but we’re dangerously close to running out. So head on over to the Share Topic forum at Blog Azeroth and suggest what you’d like your fellow members of the Blogosphere to discuss in an upcoming week. WE WILL LOVE YOU FOR IT! (And while it helps to have a blog when suggesting a topic, topics from non-bloggers are still welcomed)

So two weeks ago, our Topic was suggested by RestoDude of the blog RestoDude was on how to assist other players in the raid.

how you (as a rogue or warrior for example) would protect an other member in your group, or how you would assist him to help do his job, or as dps and working together to achieve higher dps

the other way around is also possible (which is the thing i’ll write about) as a tank/dps/healer how other can help YOU in various ways

Offering some pointers were

Relevart of Relevarts Druid Reliquary

RestoDude of RestoDude

Aunna of Bandage Spec

Malevica of Type H for Heals

Elkagorasa of Elkagorasa the Casual

Sarinde of Through the Eyes of a Tree

Sionel of Eight Paws

Aura of Priestage

PVE Rogue of PVE Rogues

Manroth of At Runtime

Windsoar of Jaded Alt

Typh of Point Blank AoE

Zan of Altoholics Anonymous

Hydra of Almost Evil

And for last week’s Topic, Elkagorasa brought up the UI and the changes we’d like to make to it in Cataclysm.

I don’t know about you, but I run a ton of add-ons. I run add-ons for fighting, I run add-ons for rep tracking, I run an add-on for auto-selling grey items and repairing when I go to a vendor. Blizzard, in the past, has taken some of the favorite add-ons and rolled them into the game (loot window follows to mouse, integrated quest map).

One thing that has always bugged me was the “looking for” interface. When out on my warlock in old zones, I like to search for ‘low-level quests’ in addition to pick herbs. On the current interface, this is an either/or option. You can’t do both, while logically, my orc could.

If you could provide input into the game, what would you have added to the Cataclysm interface?

Speaking up were

Elkagorasa of Elkagorasa the Casual

Windsoar of Jaded Alt

Zahia of One More Alt

Stumps of Raging Monkeys

Manroth of At Runtime

Sarinde of Through the Eyes of a Tree

As for this week (what’s left of it), we invite you to look through your bags and bank and discuss those items you’ve been keeping in their sentimental value. Your first epic maybe? Or the item given to you by some random orc in front of Ogrimmar while you were fumbling around on your first character? Talk about as many or as few as you wish and let us know by dropping off a link to your post in the thread at Blog Azeroth!

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