Episode 101 – Flight Master’s Notebook

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This week we welcome Nevik, the author of Nevik’s Notebook. We have a great discussion on blogging and wow, of course, but stray into unforseen places such as FFXIV and FFXI. After a couple of great bonding moments, Fim and Hydra move on to talk about the News including “Old Weather Flying” (cough) and patch 4.0.1 PTR. We’ve got a few tips, some TNTCasts and a list of New BA Sites. It’s a whole new century, baby.. Get used to it!



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Twisted News:

Azerothian Navigation changed to “Flight Master’s License” LINK

Ghostcrawler explained how Archaeology works on official forums. LINK

PTR Client Patch 4.0.1 Live LINK

You can now follow all Blizzard Customer Support news and updates on Twitter! Just head over to @BlizzardCS LINK

Operation Gnomeregan and Zalazane’s Fall events now available. LINK

Harvest Festival 9/16-9/22
Brewfest 9/20-10/5

HOT Topics from the Nether!

Hydra’s Basic Gold Tip
Honor… 75,000 is cap. Sell uncut gems. Stormwind, Orgimmar, and Dalaran. 10 thousand for Cardinal Ruby.  This is how I gem my reds, Don’t use Emblems on red since they are twice as much then the others unless you price them out. Wintergrasp marks get turned into honor. So it is your honor storage. I fly through WG to get to ICC … great opportunity to do a few of the quests prior to raid.

Blog Tip
Paint.NET for images, Free!! uses the .NET frame work which on the computer I use for images I needed to install. It was very easy. You can make transparent backgrounds if needed. Resizing and cropping pictures easy. Add basic or fancy text. Since it is open source there are a lot of addons to expand its usage.


Reinvigorate Your Blogging Self with These Ideas (World of Matticus) LINK
Gnomes, Nerds, and Kyriarchy (Frost is the New Black) LINK
One Door Closes, Another Door Opens (The Hunter’s Mark): LINK
There’s WoW but then there’s WoW (Keen and Graev’s Gaming Blog) LINK
On Crafting (Blessing of Kings) LINK

Shared Topic This Week

Each week on BlogAzeroth a new topic is posted for general blogging. We encourage our listeners to post about that topic on their own blog and then post a link to it in the forum.
So two weeks ago, our Topic was suggested by RestoDude was on how to assist other players in the raid.

how you (as a rogue or warrior for example) would protect an other member in your group, or how you would assist him to help do his job, or as dps and working together to achieve higher dps

the other way around is also possible (which is the thing i’ll write about) as a tank/dps/healer how other can help YOU in various ways

And for last week’s Topic, Elkagorasa brought up the UI and the changes we’d like to make to it in Cataclysm.

I don’t know about you, but I run a ton of add-ons. I run add-ons for fighting, I run add-ons for rep tracking, I run an add-on for auto-selling grey items and repairing when I go to a vendor. Blizzard, in the past, has taken some of the favorite add-ons and rolled them into the game (loot window follows to mouse, integrated quest map).

One thing that has always bugged me was the “looking for” interface. When out on my warlock in old zones, I like to search for ‘low-level quests’ in addition to pick herbs. On the current interface, this is an either/or option. You can’t do both, while logically, my orc could.

If you could provide input into the game, what would you have added to the Cataclysm interface?

We’d like to welcome all of the new bloggers who introduced themselves on Blog Azeroth. This week we saw posts from:
– (General & Guild management) Demoniac LINK
– (Resto Shamans) Hastefully Yours LINK
– (AH/Gold tip site) Goldcap WoW LINK
– (Random musings) ZOMG L2P LINK (likes cheese)
– (General) Currents Turn Awry LINK
– (General/Insane Warlock title) The Violet Scribe LINK
– (Leadership/GM/RL) Blacksen’s End LINK
– (General) Warcraft Action  LINK
– (General) Jinxed Thoughts: LINK
– (General/Rogue PvP) Rogues do it from behind. LINK

We encourage everyone to also check out the TNB Wiki Big List of Blogs.

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6 comments to Episode 101 – Flight Master’s Notebook

  • Sarah

    You guys asked whether the new class/race combos will be available in the pre-cata patches and the answer is no. I’m on the PTR on a wotlk account and I can’t roll a worgen/goblin or an undead-hunter, gnome-preist, etc. But I do get to try out lvl 1 pets, manaless huntards, etc.

  • Sarah

    How could you forget Pirate’s Day on Sunday? Come on! Pirates!

  • sinkline

    hey guys. thanks for the reminder about turning honor into gems! I was just looking at the conversion charts on mmo champion and figuring I was done with pvp till cata came out. completly forgot I could make some extra cash of those red gems.

  • Hydrar, Catching up on my backlog of blogcasts and have to say, great job on my ‘lock’s name. Often referred to as Elk, or Elka on raid vent. I have considered on more than one instance to rename him, but it is uniquely his own. One of the things I remember from when my wife was pregnant, was that they (scientist) say it’s fairly common. Google “Placenta Brain“.

    Playing the Beta, it is a lot of fun to see some of the changes to the game ui and the warlock changes in general. Loving the PowerAura’s implementation (so far), but will need to be convinced. As I implied in my shared topic, I love that the “Looking For” interface is check boxes, not a single drop down. In some ways, it has helped step-up the city maps to look more like Carbonite or Cartographer type addons. Especially useful when they completely move things around in Orgrimmar and you’re madly looking for the archaeology trainers..