Episode 97 - All About the Sects

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This week we welcome Esh and Kat from the Gaming Worlds Collide podcast and blog. In addition to an excellent interview, we also talk a little about Blizzard cracking down on Sex RP, China finally gets WotLK, the normal “what’s new in cataclysm beta” and a little PSA on Security from Bornakk.



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General News

Blizzard cracking down on in-game World of Warcraft sex roleplay (link)

Yeah China!

A new client has been released for the World of Warcraft: Cataclysm beta, which “includes new features that allow you to stream game data while you play. This will reduce the time you spend downloading and patching World of Warcraft once installed.”
Shacknews has asked Blizzard for clarification on what this means for the end-user, though it sounds like it will let Blizzard stream changes and minor patches in the background, reducing the frequency of patches.
It does not sound like it will replace the patching process and it remains to be seen if it will change the weekly downtime during maintenance. In any case, if you’re in the beta, uninstall your client and download the new version through the Battle.net account management page. You cannot patch up to this version

Cataclysm Beta – Companion Pets (mmo champion) (link)
A couple of companion pets have been added to the beta and I finally managed to track them down. You can probably expect a lot more of them in the future.
Fossilized Hatchling’s drop location is unknown.
De-Weaponized Mechanical Companion is an engineering pet.
Personal World Destroyer is an engineering pet.
Don’t forget Mini Deathwing.

Heirlooms in Cataclysm
Existing heirlooms are currently set to provide bonus experience up to level 80, so you’ll be able to outfit eligible Goblin and Worgen characters right from the start. New heirloom items will also be available for purchase, and those items will allow you to gain bonus experience all the way up to level 85.

Now, as beta testing continues, certain aspects of this system may be adapted, but we’ve no current plans to prevent the use of existing heirlooms in Cataclysm.

[…] Right now, the plans are to introduce most of the new heirlooms through the guild reward system; however, we also intend to make some available for purchase outside of it.

Originally Posted by Bornakk
We have been helping players deal with account theft for years now, and unfortunately, roughly a third of players make a very basic security mistake: using the same password for all of their security needs.

If you are serious about protecting your account and your personal security, your Battle.net password should be different from your email account password — or other personal passwords for that matter!

No one wants account thieves rooting around in their personal email, address book, and contact lists. Too often we see thieves breaking in to this information because their target has used the same password across multiple types of accounts. Not only can this give thieves access to your account, it can lead to compromises far outside of Battle.net as well.

It’s immensely important that everyone use separate passwords for separate applications, including games. Secure passwords have both numeric and alphabetical values, and are usually at least 10 characters in length.

For more information on account security, click here: (link)

Hot Topics from the Nether!

(via Just My Two Coppers) WoW Blogging Carnival – Wow Gold Posts (link)

We’d like to welcome all of the new bloggers who introduced themselves on Blog Azeroth. This week we saw posts from:
– (WoW) Shaman showman
– (Healing) Bandage Spec
– (Wow) WoW Mentor
– (Guides) Excandersham
– (RP) That Damn Role Player
– (WoW) Root and Branch
– (WoW) Point Blank AoE
– (Resto Druids) Falling Leaves and Wings http://fallingleavesandwings.wordpress.com
– (WoW) Go Farm Yourself

Shared Topic This Week

Each week on BlogAzeroth a new topic is posted for general blogging. We encourage our listeners to post about that topic on their own blog and then post a link to it in the forum.

You get another two for one Shared Topic package deals this week!
The first topic, from two weeks ago, was suggested by Nenunial of The Rambling Draenei Death Knight. Giving us an opportunity to show off our drawing (or at least our screenshotting) skills, she proposed posting a screenshot or fanart and talking a bit about it.

Aaand for last week’s Shared Topic, Anexxia of Bible of Dreams was inspired by the new guild features in Cataclysm and asked us what we thought could increase (or decrease!) our rep with our guild.

Shared Topic: (link)

Strumwulf of Strumwulf’s Page of Stories and Ideas came up with the great idea of RPing a scene with your favorite mount.

My idea is that we roleplay a scene with a mount your character has. It can be anything from how you acquired the mount to its death.

Next week…

Next week, sadly, we won’t be here… But we’ll be back the week after that, see you then!

(Opening song “Monster Techno Blues” is preformed Joe Sibol, provided by podssafeaudio.com)

Addon Junkie Links

Seedyrom Video Tutorial on PowerAuras:  http://www.veoh.com/browse/videos/category/educational/watch/v15571157gEYhEB6C

Aliena written tutorial on PowerAuras:  http://www.tankspot.com/showthread.php?58444-powerauras-tutorial

Matthew McCurley article on Wow.com on NeedToKnow:  http://www.wow.com/2010/04/29/addon-spotlight-needtoknow/

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