Shared Topics: A Picture Tells a Thousend Words; and What Should Give Guild Rep

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You get another two for one Shared Topic package deals this week!

The first topic, from two weeks ago, was suggested by Nenunial of The Rambling Draenei Death Knight. Giving us an opportunity to show off our drawing (or at least our screenshotting) skills, she proposed posting a screenshot or fanart and talking a bit about it.

You know the saying, a picture tells a thousand words? It’s true! But, for us WoW players, that also extends to screenshots and fanart.

So, include a screenshot, some fanart, or even some art that you create yourself, and tell what it reminds you of. Does it make you smile? Remember a hilarious circumstance in a heroic with some guildies? Or even mutter to yourself, “They really should nerf ___insert class here___”?

Be inspired by screenshots and WoW artwork, and blog about it!

Participating were:

Nenunial of The Rambling Draenei Death Knight

Relevart of Relevart’s Druid Reliquary

RestoDude of RestoDude

Feraltree of FeralTree

Mishaweha of My, myself… and All of Them (she cheated and did a second post too)

Ringo Flinthammer of Flinthammer Hall

Erinys of The Harpy’s Nest

Pndrev of Prime Time Casual

Anaia of Tears of a Goddess

Amaranth of Love and War in Azeroth

Anslym of Bag Overflow

Poptart of Poptartica

Aestiah of She Can’t DPS

Anexxia of Bible of Dreams

Aaand for last week’s Shared Topic, Anexxia was inspired by the new guild features in Cataclysm and asked us what we thought could increase (or decrease!) our rep with our guild.

While the details around the Guild system are being held close to the vest by Blizzard, I think we all have some opinions about what should give you rep with your guild. Or even, perhaps what should give you NEGATIVE rep.

Sharing their ideas were:

Anexxia of Bible of Dreams

Relevart of Relevart’s Druid Reliquary

Revoemag of Siphoned Life

Morynne of Marks-365

Variant Avatar of Variant Avatar

Excandersham of Excandersham’s Wow Guides

Redhawks of Redhawks’ Gaze

Psynister of Psynister’s Notebook

Zalduun of Blessing of Fish

As for this week’s Shared Topic, we’re coming up with Achievement ideas. But not just any achievements- classic WoW achievement. Take a walk through memory lane and think up some possible achievements for the bosses in the Old World Raids, for some of the more interesting quests or more! After you blog about it, be sure to share a link to your post in the thread at Blog Azeroth.

And just in case you’re curious about some upcoming topics, here are the next three:
How your class is viewed
Group relations: how to assist/protect
What would you change in the UI with Cataclysm?

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