SHARED TOPIC: Most outrageous guild applications

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This week’s Shared Topic comes from Cathmor of Eye for an Eye and asks authors to share their most humorous, interesting, or off-the-wall guild applications. In his own words:

Whether you’re a guild officer or a grunt, a GM or a rank-and-file, if your guild accepts applications for membership you’ve probably seen a few of them. Oftentimes guilds will have their applications posted in a public forum for all to see; other guilds will keep the applications in an officer-only forum. However, even when the apps are kept private, funny ones are re-posted for the rest of the guild to get a chuckle. Sometimes it’s an application from a raid boss (I’m Ragnaros and I’d like to join <Raid Guild>!), sometimes it’s an inanimate object or food item, and other times it’s just a raider with a great sense of humor.

What’s the funniest one you’ve seen? If it’s contrived, what made it so funny? Give background if necessary.

Contributions so far include:

You can read more and share your own at the original post on Blog Azeroth!

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