Episode 3-Who Moved My Matticus?

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me-mini This week, we discuss the freshness of cheese, get a great tip about RSS Feeds, and dive into the World of Matticus. All the while, trying to discover why dwarves don’t seem to have children.


This Week on TN

  • Twisted News of the Week –
  • Hot Topics from the Internether –
    • IArmory
    • A priestly tip
    • Is Your Cheese Fresh
    • How to fight wow Apathy
  • A Blogger tip from one of the many Annas.
  • And this week’s Twisted Blog requires a "World" to do it justice.
    • Headlines from mmo-champion
      • Worldwide Invitational 2008: Careers At Blizzard!
      • Season 4 "2 weeks warning"
      • Arena Tournament Qualifier 1 Winners

General News

Hot Topics from the Nether!

Innervate this!
Dwarf Priest ponders, do priests need to switch out weapons during an innervate?

IArmory looking for Testers.
Salad Fork from Omen of Clarity has developed a new app called, IArmory for the Iphone. He is currently looking for testers. If you would like to be a tester, please go to his site or add him to twitter.

Does WoW Still Move Your Cheese?
Is WoW Still Your Cheese is an excellent post by Big Bear Butt, which raises the question, does WoW still satisfy your gaming needs?

How to Help Fight WoW Apathy

Part Time Druid, wrote and interesting post about how to fight apathy, or how we like to call it, "keeping your cheese fresh."

Blogger Tip of the Week:

In this two-part series, Anna, from Toomanyannas, tells you why RSS Feeds are important. Listen and learn.

Twisted Blog of the Week and Guest-Matticus !

This week, we have Matt from the World of Matticus, graciously answering our questions regarding priests, raids, the weather in BC and why dwarf children are no where to be found.

A prolific blogger, Matt has become one of the net’s premier priest blogs and has recently taken over the priest column at WoW Insider.

See you guys next week, where we hope to have Big Bear Butt and a barrel of beer (hmm, the barrel’s for Bre)

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