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iArmory ItemListHow many times has this happened to you? You walk into a store with your WoW related t-shirt and you bump into someone who plays the game. The two of you get a-talking, and coincidentally, his main is the same class as yours. The conversation veers towards gear and he says, “I wish you could look at my stuff.”

Of course, being in the middle of Pottery Barn, you can’t find a computer to access the Armory. Thus your opportunity to enlighten Joe the <insert class here> is lost.

If you have an iphone, this never has to happen again!

itemStats This is all thanks to SaladFork of Omen of Clarity. Our boy Fork, decided, this travesty needed to rectified and has created iArmory! Now, when Sally the <insert class> needs gear advice, all you have to do is whip out your trusty iphone!

Fork would love testers for this new app. So if you have an iphone and want this ASAP, I suggest you go to his site and check it out.

1 comment to iArmory

  • His timing couldn’t be worse!

    Many are predicting that Apple will be taking it’s kiddie-leash off of it’s precious iPhone next week, allowing it to finally play with it’s SDK brethren amidst the masses.

    If this had come out 6-months ago, it’d be a great little tool. But considering what’s in store next week (and the fact that the armory runs fairly well using the iPhone’s web browser), it’s just not going to get the attention it would have.