Announcing – Big Crits

by Stoneybaby

First of all I want to say a big thanks to Fim & Nib for letting me shout out to the TNB listeners about the Big Crits show. I’ve always been a huge fan of the show and the work they do for the WoW community. Thanks for keeping us together and more […]

New night/time for TNB recordings

Good news everyone!

Due to popular demand TNB will be changing our recording night and time! We’re changing our “regular”** recording nights to Fridays at 7:30 PM PST (yes, that’s also earlier for all you east coaster). Additionally, we’re going to be doing the whole show live***.

Hope to see you there!

** TNB reserves […]

Back from the Con

Hey! Thanks to everyone that participated in our TNB liveblogs. We had a great turnout. If you haven’t gone to see it already, Twisted Nether has a Flickr stream.. Lots of Blizzcon ‘09 Pictures up. I’ve got pictures from the meetup. I have pictures from OUR TNB meetup! Go take a look! Here are […]

“The Fifth Network”

A Mediaweek article describes gaming as the “the fifth network” and suggest that based on a report by Nielsen PreView called The Video Game Handbook the time spent playing games is quickly overtaking the time spent viewing large TV networks. Although the article says that “TV doesn’t feel threatened” .. maybe it should.

A Farewell to Phae

As many of you already know, Phae from Resto4Life, will be closing her doors on March 19th.  Phae has inspired many bloggers and with her grace and knowledge, not only helping solidify druids into a proud community but WoW bloggers in general.  With the creation of Blog Azeroth and her wonderful spirit, Phae as touched […]