“The Fifth Network”

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A Mediaweek article describes gaming as the “the fifth network” and suggest that based on a report by Nielsen PreView called The Video Game Handbook the time spent playing games is quickly overtaking the time spent viewing large TV networks. Although the article says that “TV doesn’t feel threatened” .. maybe it should.

1 comment to “The Fifth Network”

  • yep – they need to get worried.
    In Oz unless you want to pay 80 bucks a month ( oz) to get the sci fic channel and the movie channels you are subjected to mass amounts of realtity tv and lifestyle shows, and any decent show that is purchased 3 seasons too late from overseas is put on at 11pm at night because our prime times has 20 mins of ads per hour. yes its free to air, but im also free to not switch on, and I havent turned my tv on in 3 years.. ( but I do watch boxsets on dvd – Pc screen is bigger then tv..