Resource Site Spotlight – The Visual Roleplay Gear List

This RSS was a suggestion by Apple (aka Azeroth Apple) and Rades and I would like to thank both of them for such a wonderful pick! More suggestions for WoW resources are ALWAYS appreciated! =)

The Visual Roleplay Gear List is a dream come true for every player in WoW wanting to partake in [...]

Addonation Extra – Advanced PowerAuras Traning

As promised here are a few screenshots I took just prior to the recording of last weeks Addonation Segment on TNB.

This just serves to highlight the import and export functionality of PowerAuras (one of the greatest mods ever written!!)

As mentioned in the segment, you can go to the PowerAuras Wiki (as well as [...]

Resource Site Spotlight – AHSpy

Are you an Auction House junkie? Do you walk around your office mumbling to yourself about buying out the flask supply to create an artificial monopoly, or replace marketing tactics in a board meeting with specifics on doing “the Eternals shuffle?”

If this describes you… seek help. Immediately.

If you found that [...]

Resource Site Spotlight – WoW Interface

Despite the fact that Curse gets a great deal of attention, and I point a finger at myself for this (see the Addonation segment at the close of each TNB show), there is a very viable alternative source for World of Warcraft addons out there on the internetherz…

And that source is WoW Interface ( [...]

Resource Site Spotlight – Zeherah’s Hunter DPS Analyzer (

You have never actually seen a female dwarf right? I know I haven’t, and I have spent years in Ironforge.

Well this weeks RSS features a female dwarf, so I would say that is scientific proof that they do indeed exist!

Zeherah’s Hunter DPS Analyzer (found at is a site dedicated to [...]

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