Episode 255 – Legion-dary Table

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maxresdefault This week we welcome Shoryl from Dwarven District and Short from Ability Powered to talk with us about the upcoming WoW expansion pack, Legion. Not sure what the acronym will be for this one.. L? Leg?

Round Table Topics

Next World of Warcraft expansion: Legion LINK
– New Class – Demon Hunter
– 12th Char Slot
– Level Cap 110 – Boosted to 100?
– New PvP Progression
– New Content: Broken Isles
– New Dungeons and Raids
– Improved Transmog
– Class-Specific Order Halls
– Class Changes center around emphasizing the fantasy of each spec
– Spec-Specific Artifacts (36 Diff Weapons)

Twisted Links

TNB 2015 Blizzcon shirts LINK

Brewfest 2015/09/20 – 2015/10/06 LINK

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(Opening song “Monster Techno Blues” is preformed Joe Sibol)

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