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Hello Twisted Nether Patrons!

This week I’d like to continue down the raiding path if I may, and introduce you to a site that I find both informative and entertaining.

Welcome To:

Mike is a very charismatic and up front guy who, in a nutshell, makes videos. Not just random WoW videos (well those too) but raiding and class guide videos. He has a wide ranging repertoire of characters as well as opinions. His more well known videos are his Workshops. If you are up for it, you can submit a video of yourself while raiding and he will post and critique it for form and function. The purpose is to give you insight into how you play your game and how you might do it better. Emphasis in on effective gameplay and strategy to maximize your character and your play (min/maxing), as well as focusing on the fun aspects of the spec. After all it’s a game and it’s about having fun. That is one of the aspects of his videos I enjoy. Not only is he interested in helping you achieve your dreams of big numbers, it is important that you enjoy the game you’re playing.

*Warning Language* Be aware these videos contain strong language

Preach Gaming also offers class guide videos for each class/spec combination, and usually for each patch update. Showing you the latest goings on with any class, and perhaps what you can do to eek out that extra little bit you’re striving for in your gameplay.

Preach can be found in a couple of locations around the web.


Until next time my friends. Go make the world a better place!




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